Fuel to Thrive (Fall Edition) by Cristina Hoyt

Fuel to Thrive (Fall Edition)

Transitioning with Ease

Ever feel like it’s difficult to transition your routine from season to season? Especially when it comes to Summer to Fall?

We love the summer season,  it’s plentiful in fresh fruits, vegetables, and the rich flavor of the grill is available (who doesn’t love a good charred vegetable in 15 minutes?). Time feels like it stands still and we feel like we have all the time in the world to prepare our delicious, fresh meals.

And it’s not just the food: it’s our time overall. We have the time to get in our daily movement, the sun is out longer, and everyone is out and about. 

Then fall hits: The days get shorter, our schedules get more packed, and the idea of coming home from a long day at work (with the sun setting at 6 PM) and staring at that butternut squash wondering what the heck to make with it is daunting.

Just when you think you have your routine down and your food on point, the season changes and then you're feeling like you have to start all over again. 

Sound familiar? 

Hi, I’m Cristina Hoyt, integrative clinical nutritionist and I’ve worked with countless women season after season to reclaim their health and vitality. Now, I’m ready to share it with all of you. I’ve taken all of my best tips and condensed it down into practical and supportive steps in the Fuel to Thrive: Transition with Ease (Fall Edition) program.

This program is perfect for you if you’re interested in shifting into fall with confidence and ease that you are nourishing yourself with not only seasonal and nutrient packed foods, but are also delicious. 

Why do you need support to transition from summer to fall? 

You are not alone in dealing with the ongoing struggle that comes with changes every season! 

Throughout my years of working with women reclaim their health and vitality, one thing we talk about often is how each season has its own challenges.  Is this true, absolutely. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. 
Good News: It doesn’t have to be this way. (phew!)
The secret is gracefully transitioning into the new season armed with a plan. 

Transition from Summer to Fall with Ease (and packed with flavor)
Welcome, Fuel to Thrive: Transition with Ease (Fall Edition)
Your #1 resource to transition from summer to fall with simplicity. 

In this program you will master the skills to ensure you’re able to nourish yourself well and still have time and energy for all the other important elements of a well-rounded life -- daily movement, connection, rest, and your favorite fall activities (hello, can’t go the season without some apple cider and chai lattes!). 

Embracing the gifts of the season, coming up with a plan, and learning the tools you need to prepare meals that are flavorful, seasonal, and in alignment with the season makes ALL the difference – and this course will teach you exactly how to do that.

(We’re getting started early so you’ll have plenty of time to work through the kinks and be ready to rock the true fall weather come October)
Here’s what you’ll learn in Fuel to Thrive: Transition with Ease (Fall Edition):
  • How to embrace the new season - with its unique challenges and not feel overwhelmed or miss the summer vibes
  • Implement patterns and routines into your schedule so you don’t miss a beat
  • Learn all about the incredible and powerfully nutritious foods and how to prepare them so they’re packed with flavor (no bland food here!)
When you’re done with this course, you’re going to feel so ready to conquer the fall and love the way you can gracefully transition.

As a Result:
  • You’re going to feel confident and thriving from within because you’re not going to be so hard on yourself because everything has gone haywire
  • You’re going to be preparing foods that you genuinely love that are packed with flavor and not missing your summer favorites
  • You’re going to have a plan and the tools you need to execute the transition into fall
  • You’re going to actually feel like you can embrace the new season

What you can expect from the course:

  • Short & actionable videos with lesson + challenge
  • Recommended worksheets for additional reflection and action 
  • Lifetime accessibility via an online course system
  • Printable PDF of recommended worksheets 
  • Grocery Guide and recipes to execute the fall foods and energy!

What's included?

Text Icon 16 text files


Module 1: Embracing the New
Lesson 1: Define how you want to feel this fall
Lesson 2: Assessing your unique fall challenges
Lesson 3: Identifying your priorities
Lesson 4: Setting your expectations
Module 2: Making Space
Lesson 1: Redefining Self Care and How to Actually Fit it in
Lesson 2: Defining your own schedule & setting boundaries to protect your priorities
Module 3: Warming Foods
Lesson 1: Identify Fall Foods & their nutrient density
Lesson 2: Transitioning our Foods with some Kitchen How – To’s
Lesson 3: Batch Cooking – Fall Style
Extra Resources: Recipe resources and Grocery Guide
Module 4: Tuning In
Lesson 1: Understanding the Signals of Your Body
Lesson 2: Managing Energy Slumps & How to Recalibrate
Lesson 3: How to Tell if Certain Foods are Playing a Role
Module 5: Bring in the Gratitude
Lesson 1: Ways to Show Your Body Some Love This Fall
Lesson 2: Connect with the Fall Vibes
BONUS Holiday Season Survival Guide the Nourish Way
Lesson 1: Parties